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July 20, 2020

VFGS+ Avvocati Associati and lgpa | avvocati join forces for the new bridge over the Piave river in Belluno.

act | VFGS+ Avvocati with the partner Luca Vicarioli, and lgpa | avvocati, with professor Luca Geninatti Satè and Luigi Selva Verzica, assisted FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores s.a. and Estudio de Arquitectura Campo Baeza slp in the design competition for the construction of the new bridge over the Piave river in Belluno, including the overall functional reorganization of the related access roads and the connection with pedestrian and cycle mobility.

The winning project, among more than twenty-five participants, was awarded "for its ability to combine structural solution and architectural form" and stands out for the choice to cross the river without elements in the riverbed.

Fhecor is a company specialized in structural engineering with over one hundred and fifty professionals, based in Madrid and with offices in Spain, the United States and South America; Estudio de Arquitectura Campo Baeza is the firm founded by Spanish architect and academic Alberto Campo Baeza, already winner of the career "Piranesi Prix de Rome" and Gold Medal for Spanish Architecture in 2019.

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