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Practitioners’ Guide for Real Estate in Europe

A practical guide for international investors, managers and lawyers in English about real estate matters in most of the relevant economies in Continental Europe.

The guide, written by experienced act legal real estate lawyers, offers short and practical answers to the usual questions asked by foreign investors with no experience in a particular country, enabling them to very quickly familiarize themselves with crucial legal, tax and practical aspects. In this comprehensive handbook we do not quote legal norms but briefly and comprehensively summarize the different aspects to be considered in the real estate field:

  • Current and prospective developments
  • Ownership of real estate and other rights in rem
  • Land as security for financing
  • Public law, planning, permits and environmental matters
  • Pre-emption rights
  • Development of real estate (construction and planning contracts)
  • Leases of real estate
  • Tax aspects
  • Real estate transactions
  • Distressed transactions, acquisition out of insolvency

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