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Photo Ángel Chavarría

Ángel Chavarría

DA Lawyers


C/ O’Donnell, 12, 8ª planta
28009 Madrid

+34 91 765 93 46

25 years of experience in providing regular advice to numerous prestigious multinational and national companies in different sectors. Multidisciplinary specialist in different areas of practice: compliance, sports law, labor law, litigation civil and administrative, mining law. Management of crisis situations and critical points.

Additional qualifications in the areas of compliance, sport, labor, telecommunications, audiovisuals and general laws. Advisor to important companies in the shipping and sports sector.

Previous professional positions in an important office in Madrid and with its own office since 1999, which merged with DA Lawyers in 2017.

Besides his native language Spanish, Ángel is fluent in English.

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