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Photo Elke ter Hart

Elke ter Hart


Attorney at law

Koningslaan 60
1075 AG Amsterdam

The Netherlands
+31 20 664 5111


  • Employment Law

Elke ter Hart is an employment law lawyer, specialized in individual and collective dismissal law. She also advises on employment contracts, settlement agreements, labour disputes, competition and relationship clauses, employee participation, transfer of undertaking, equal treatment, social security law, reorganisations, flexible employment relationships such as freelancers and payrollers, harmonization of employment conditions and sick employees. She acts for employers, directors and employees. Furthermore, Elke specializes in pension law. 

Elke has a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in private law from the University of Groningen. She subsequently completed the Masters in Employment Law at the University of Amsterdam.

Besides her native language Dutch, Elke is fluent in English.

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