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Photo Jose Antonio Suárez

Jose Antonio Suárez

DA Lawyers


C/ O’Donnell, 12, 8ª planta
28009 Madrid

+34 91 436 36 25

Focus on the areas of copyright and audiovisual law, with emphasis on advice on cross-border operations. Jose Antonio’s clients are domestic and international film producers, distributors, broadcasters, industry associative bodies and international organizations and is a regular advisor and litigator for collective management organizations on copyright and EC law. He is used to work in international environments and leads the international legal team of a collecting society throughout Latin America.

Attorney at law and MBA. Acknowledged as a high profile copyright international lawyer and audiovisual law specialist, with an extensive experience in regulatory matters and cooperation with legislative bodies.

Regular speaker for prestigious seminar organizers and copyright and film production master courses in universities in Spain and Latin America. Aside from numerous articles, has published two books on audiovisual law and film coproduction, and collaborated in several collective works on copyright related matters.

Besides his native language Spanish, Jose Antonio is fluent in English, French and Italian.

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