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Photo María Suárez

María Suárez

DA Lawyers


C/ O’Donnell, 12, 8ª planta
28009 Madrid

+34 91 436 36 28

Specialized in IT, Media and Telecommunications industries. Experienced in advising clients on complex conflicts, as well as providing the best solutions for each case, thanks to the reliable relationships she has been building throughout the years with public institutions, associations and collective management societies.

In terms of technology, she advises on software licensing, e-commerce, outsourcing and cloud computing projects. She also advises on litigation relating to media matters. In terms of data protection, she advises in due diligence to different companies of the industrial, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

In addition, she has a Master Degree lecturer on Intellectual property, Technology and TMT at some Spanish universities, such as ICADE, IE, and Carlos III.

Speaker at several conferences related to the European Data Protection Regulation, Cloud Computing, organized by IKN Spain. Member of Professional Bodies & Associations, national and international: Spanish Professional Association of Privacy (APEP), Spanish Association of Users of Telecommunications and Information Society (AUTELSI), International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw), and International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Besides her native language Spanish, Maria is fluent in English.

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