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Dispute Resolution

Commercial claims: Receivables management. Court representation. Interim measures. Arbitration. Avoidance proceedings. Seizure of domestic and foreign assets. Enforcement.

Labor law disputes: Representation in labor courts. Representation in the European Court of Justice. Representation in conciliation committee proceedings. Obtaining test cases. Bargaining with Trade Unions.

Real estate disputes: Recovery of debts. Default action. Court representation. Interim measures. Arbitrations. Avoidance proceedings. Seizure of domestic and foreign assets. 

IT disputes: Domestic and foreign arbitrations. Representation in court. Stand-alone evidence proceedings. Domain mediation proceedings. Mediation process.

IP disputes: Judicial representation, including patent courts. Representation before the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU-IPO). Representation beforethe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Domestic and foreign arbitrations.

Tax disputes: Appeal and fiscal court proceedings. Voluntary self-disclosures. Pursuit of liability claims.

Corporate disputes: Arbitral expert opinion procedures. Arbitration. Representation in the civil courts.

Outsourcing projects disputes: Price adjustments. Securement of contractual rights. Arbitral expert opinion process. Arbitrations. Representation in civil courts. 

Commercial litigation: Assessment of client's entitlements. Estimation of client's success in the dispute. Active and passive disputes. Business contracts and commercial disputes. Tort law disputes. Warranty law disputes. Tenancy disputes. Banking law disputes. Disputes with regard to debt collection. Claims management. Disputes with regard to enforcement law. Securities and commodities. Trade secrets and antitrust.

Liability proceedings: Proceedings on the liability for medical malpractice / liability of consultants. Insurance. 

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White Collar Defense

Compliance: Compliance structures. Implementation of rules of conduct. Training. Whistleblower systems. Regulations on email and internet use. Staff controls. Antitrust compliance. Compliance audits. Compliance due diligence. 

Corporate Defense: Representation of corporate interests. Defense of company staff. Guidance on searches and seizures. Industrial accidents and product liability. Coordination of press and public relations.

Asset security and restoration: Damage claim proceedings. Seizure of assets. D& O and pecuniary damage liability insurance issues. Commitment of investigative agencies.

Special labor measures: Formal investigation of suspected offenses. Releases. Amnesty programs.

Corporate investigation: Internal investigations. Advice to companies damaged by criminal action. Report of offences to the authorities. Selection and coordination of fraud investigators.

Representation of individual interests: Criminal defense. Defense managers. Witness support. Representation in ancillary proceedings.

Advice on prevention of white collar crime: Evaluation of possible risk constellations. Criminal law risks with company acquisitions and restructurings. Optimization of sales structures.

Regulatory issues: Guidance of investigations by national and international  financial supervisory bodies. Ad hoc and insider issues. SEC investigations. Reports of money laundering.

Defense in criminal tax law cases: Defense in allegations of tax evasion. BEPS. Support with tax audits. Lawsuits before fiscal courts. Advice to tax consultants and accountants. Advice on amended returns.