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Our IT legal services list includes:

Information technology: Software purchase and maintenance contracts. Reseller and distribution contracts. Safeguarding of service levels. Control of functional and requirement specifications. OEM contracts. Development contracts. Escrow arrangements. Competition agreements. Open source infrastructure contracts. Cloud computing. IT outsourcing. Claim management. IT procurement. IT criminal law. Databases. Infrastructure contracts. SLP Agreements.

Licensing and contract law: Licensing agreements. Terms of use. Conditions of participation. Terms and conditions for business, servicing and maintenance. Contract and license management. Know-how contracts. Joint ventures. Exit management and interim agreements.

Internet and social media: Service and provider contracts. License and content contracts. Web 2.0. Social media guidelines. IT regulations for use. Company agreements. Domain law. Apps. Online marketing.

Data protection and IT compliance: Data collection and use. Data protection guidelines. Use of personal data for marketing and corporate purposes. Data protection provisions. Legal support in notification and approval procedures. Access control and rights assignment. Binding corporate rules. Internal data transfer. Transfer of personal data abroad. EU standard contractual clauses. Due diligence. Representation before supervisory authorities. Employee data protection. Whistleblowing systems.

E-Commerce: Drafting of online distribution processes (B2B and B2C). Online liability issues. Online competition law and online advertising. Configuration of online shops. Advice on e-commerce. Consumer protection and distance selling issues. Legal evaluation of websites. Evaluation of disclaimers. Obligations to inform and instruct. Licensing and regulatory procedures. Domain law. Terms and conditions and data protection guidelines.

IT projects: Design of technology projects. Project contracts. IT outsourcing and offshoring measures. Safeguarding of employment law issues. Negotiation with workers’ representatives. Corporate law arrangements. Optimization of tax arrangements. Safeguarding of antitrust issues. IT transactions. IT restructurings.

Advice on copyright: Protection of software developments and product images. Monitoring and maintaining of granted rights. Handling of exploitation rights.

Disputes: Domestic and foreign arbitrations. Representation in court. Stand-alone evidence proceedings. Domain mediation proceedings. Mediation process.

Source code escrow. Joint ownership issues. Commercialization of software. Hardware & infrastructure acquisition and services. Unfair competition and misrepresentation.


Our IP legal services list includes:

Trademark and portfolio management: Analysis and optimization of existing trademark portfolios. Acquisition of industrial property rights. Title protection. Administration of domain and trademark portfolios. Name rights. Domains. Availability advice. Monitoring of copyright protection and established rights. Collision monitoring. Application and registration of trademarks. Trademark infringement proceedings. Trademark licensing agreements. Opposition and cancellation proceedings. Delimitation agreements. Registration of trademarks at a national, European and international level.

Legal safeguards: Advice on the best defense and attack strategies. Legal support with the development of advertising concepts. Implementation of traditional advertising media. Promotions and sales support. Opinion polls and consumer surveys. Drafting of warnings. Special competition law issues.

Licenses and terms and conditions: Merchandising and licensing strategies. Licensing agreements. License management. Terms of use. Drafting of conditions of participation.

Copyright Law: Assertion of copyright claims. Support with compliance with granted rights of use. Evaluation of possibilities of recovery and exploitation rights. Negotiation with originators and holders of rights. Contractual documentation on the creation and maintenance of software products and implementing information systems.

Antitrust Law: Pricing policy and pricing conditions. Exclusivity agreements. Design of distribution systems and non-competition clauses. Antitrust compliance. Horizontal and vertical understandings. 

Disputes: Judicial representation, including patentcourts. Representation before national authorities and the European UnionIntellectual Property Office (EU-IPO). Representation before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Domestic and foreign arbitrations.

Confidentiality agreements: Trade secrets and confidentiality. Trade secret protection and counseling. Company guidelines to protect trade secrets and know-how.

Structures of transactions to transfer brands.

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