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How R U CEE? Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć na temat nieruchomości komercyjnych

Raport opisuje bieżącą sytuację oraz zmiany na rynku nieruchomości w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej w czterech krajach: Polsce, Czechach, Rumunii i na Węgrzech. Publikacja przedstawia analizę rynku ni...


Romanian Kurzarbeit scheme

Kurzarbeit scheme now saving jobs in Romania. The COVID-19 Pandemic triggered a series of legislative changes, more or less difficult to implement, especially in a tight timeframe. Labour law was e...


Whistleblowing. New legal obligations imposed on companies to ensure a healthy business environment

Whistleblowing and how the business environment can avoid major property sanctions, in an article signed by two of our lawyers specializing in criminal law. In October 2019, the European Council ap...


Who should worry about the European Public Prosecutor’s Office?

Starting November 2020, any person or company (be it a startup or a multinational), which manages or wants to obtain financing through European funds, can be targeted by the operationalization of t...


New measures in the field of companies regarding the organization and conduct of meetings of statutory bodies

Most likely, convening statutory meetings without the physical presence of members will become an approach increasingly used in society. How can such general meetings be organized and conducted acc...


The measure of preventive detention in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Bill B238, through article 56, provides some special measures regarding the execution of pre-trial detention during the COVID-19 period, in Romania. In this context, our article presents some consi...


Day Zero after the Emergency State End – the kit of measures for the transition to a „new” normal

About the transition to a "new" normal and the changes that the pandemic will bring to the business environment, consumption strategy and everyday life. Our article welcomes day zero with a set of ...


Is there a risk for companies to be exposed to criminal investigations for non-complying with the measures implemented by the authorities?

Following the accelerated spread of COVID-19, the President of Romania declared the state of emergency for a period of 30 days as of 16 March 2020, which was afterwards extended until 15 may. The r...


Employment Relations of Medical Personnel During the State of Emergency

A less discussed, but very relevant topic during the state of emergency in Romania, especially for those in the front line of the fight against the pandemic. Article 56 of Annex 1 of Decree no. 240...


Digitization of the criminal process and the right to a fair trial

Digitalization of criminal proceedings is a subject that should be under the scrutiny of public attention, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now, more than ever, we are witnessing a pre...


The (unregulated) Story of Access Roads

The purpose of this material is to present some of the solutions put into practice so far in the hope that these issues will be gradually made more transparent and regulated through a general appli...


The new False Statements offence and how not to become a nation of criminals

At the beginning of the Pandemic times, in Romania, a high reluctance of Romanians to follow the authorities recommendations meant for stopping the spread of COVID – 19 virus could be noticed. As s...


Prawo pracy w Europie – przewodnik dla praktyków

Celem publikacji jest dostarczenie inwestorom i firmom praktycznego przewodnika w zakresie prawa pracy w wybranych krajach Europy.


What’s up CEE? Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć na temat nieruchomości komercyjnych

Raport przedstawia analizę bieżącej sytuacji oraz zmian, jakie nastąpiły w ostatnich pięciu latach w czterech krajach: Polsce, Czechach, Rumunii i na Węgrzech. Koncentruje się na rynku nieruchomośc...


act legal co nas wyróżnia?

act legal specjalizuje się w doradztwie na rzecz międzynarodowych klientów biznesowych i korporacyjnych, firm z sektora private equity, inwestorów, przedsiębiorców oraz kadry zarządzającej.

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