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FirVox – Biometric vocal signature with full legal validity

Sign with your voice in every place

At act legal Spain we use the first voice biometric signature platform, audit and duly endorsed by EADTrust, that provides an electronic signature with full legal validity.

The voice recording, along with its biometric parameters are embedded in a PDF document, which is encrypted, and time stamped.

The result is a digital document with a voice advanced electronic signature and evidentiary symmetry.


The signature is specific to each document and signatory. It is uniquely linked to the signatory.


The FirVox voice signature is a biometric signature. The biometric voice permits the verification of the identity of the signatory by means of voice analysis.


The original recording is encrypted and only a trusted third party can retrieve it.


The security incorporated in FirVox ensures the integrity and inviolability of the voice sample and the document unequivocally linked to it.

Cristina Vázquez

act legal Spain DA Lawyers Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 630 14 88 70

Innovation-Tech Product

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