Adrian Șandru

Phone: +40 748 163 590

Promising young lawyer who, despite his young age, has gained a lot of experience in white collar crimes matters and devotes 100% of his time to this practice area. Strong experience representing individuals and legal entities in the most complex economic and financial cases in recent years, collaborating with the most prestigious law firms in the field of criminal law in business in Romania.

White Collar Crime

Regulatory & Compliance


In 2019, Adrian Șandru was awarded “Rising Star in White Collar Crimes Matters” by a Romanian publication, Revista Română de Drept penal al afacerilor 2019.

He has published numerous articles in specialized magazines and constantly participates in national and international conferences.

Focused on the future and aware of the accelerated evolution of society, he focused his research on issues incident to criminal procedure law that are novel in Romania, such as international judicial cooperation, the transfer of electronic evidence or the new institution of the European Prosecutor’s Office

In 2021 Adrian launched his book, Parchetul European. Reglementare. Controverse. Explicații (en. European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Regulations. Controversies. Explanations), published by the prestigious local publication Universul Juridic.