Blanca López de la Osa

Senior Associate
Phone: +34 914 363 629

Blanca López de la Osa is a specialist in Procedural Law, specialising in Intellectual Property disputes. She stands out for her tenacious and responsible character and her capacity for effort and organisation. She has been preparing for the competitive examinations for Judges and Prosecutors for 5 years. Management of all types of civil, criminal and contentious-administrative judicial proceedings in intellectual property matters, collaborating in various strategic judicial processes in this field, such as, for example, the preliminary ruling before the CJEU which led to the Judgment that forced the modification of national legislation on fair compensation for private copying. Among the clients with whom he works on a regular basis are, among others, rights management organisations and film production companies.



Attonney at law

Focused on litigation with a significant ratio of wins in high-profile civil, crimnimal and regulatory proceedings before the Spanish courts of justice

Provides legal services to several Spanish Intellectual Property Rights Collective Societies and to major national and international audio-visual producers

Several articles published in the proffesional and business press and blogs