Paloma Hernández

Phone: +34 91 436 36 98

Specializes in legal and strategic advice in commercial and corporate law to both domestic and foreing companies operating in various sector of activities, with a high specialization in aviation companies, both international airlines and other companies associated with the sector. Paloma Hernández has participed in corporate reestructuring projects and acted as Deputy Secretary of Board of Directors. Specialized in Aviation & Air Transport Law with experience in practicing adn advising in the aviation sector since 2016, including procedures for the elaboration, negotiation and signing of contracts for sale, leasing, financing and mortgage of aircrafts. Practice in the establishment of company branches abroad and obtaining the necessary permitology for the implementation and operation of airlines in foreing countries.

Corporate law



Attorney at law

Master Degree inBusiness Advisory from the School of Legal Practice of the Computense University of Madrid

Extraordinary Law Degree Award

1st of Promotion in the Master Degree