Raúl Ayo

Senior Associate
Phone: +34 91 90 59 807

Raul Ayoes specialises in tax law, providing consultancy and planning services to companies and large estates, both in direct and indirect taxation. He has extensive experience advising on all types of tax audits and in the preparation of subsequent appeals and claims, at all levels. His empathetic character with clients stands out, as well as his high capacity to resolve the conflicts that arise, with a high degree of efficiency. Professional Master's Degree in Taxation and Tax Consultancy (CEF). Course in International Business at Harvard University (Boston). He has extensive experience in the planning of large estates, both in terms of investments in Spain and abroad. His knowledge of tax procedures has facilitated the successful completion of highly complex technical matters. His regular clients include directors of listed companies. He has given courses on personal income tax in collaboration with an important company in the insurance sector.

Attorney at law

Master Degree in Taxation by CEF

Tax litigation

Tax advice

Direct and indirect taxation

Wealth Planning