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Practitioners’ Guide for M&A in Germany (Chinese)

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A practical guide for international investors, managers and lawyers in Chinese about the most important topics in cross-border transactions in Germany.

The guide, written by experienced act legal M&A lawyers, offers short and practical answers to legal, tax and financial issues that investors face connected to cross-border and domestic investments. In this comprehensive handbook we do not quote legal norms but briefly and comprehensively summarize the different aspects to be considered in a M&A transaction:

  • Most important non-legal soft triggers for a successful acquisition
  • Players in M&A transactions and transaction cost triggers
  • Main transaction documents
  • Purchase price
  • Key employment issues and influence of employees and trade unions in a transaction
  • Relevant types of legal entities
  • Tax aspects
  • Formal requirements for a transaction
  • Share deal vs. asset deal
  • Other special types of transactions
  • Obligations / liabilities due to negotiations
  • Disclosure obligations in connection with a transaction
  • Legal restrictions on acquisitions
  • Distressed transactions and acquisitions out of insolvency

Dr. Matthias Müller, MBA

Attorney at law
act legal Germany AC Tischendorf Rechtsanwälte Frankfurt, Germany
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