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Transactional employment law: Employment law due diligence. Transfer of undertakings. Restructuring by transfer. Reorganization processes. Design of new collectively agreed rules and regulations. Profit-sharing models. Post-merger integration.

Rationalisation and restructurings: Changes / Modifications in plant operations. Whole or partial closure of operations. Outsourcing of activities. Staff reduction. Involvement of co-determination committees. Negotiation of balance of interests and social plans. Employment and placement companies. Voluntary service schemes. Collective restructuring agreements. Negotiation and notification of short-time working. Negotiations with labor authorities. Support during staff meetings. Prevention of strikes. 

Optimisation of staff costs: Flexibility of remuneration and benefits. Change of tariff environment. Company collective agreements. In-house employment alliances. Working time models. Flexible personnel deployment. Pool concepts. Variable pay schemes. Wage curve degression.

Works constitution | personnel representation law: Co-determination matters. Negotiation of works / collective agreements. Guidance in works council / staff council elections. Rearrangement of co-determination structures. Provisional measures.

Day-to-day affairs of employment law: Employment contracts. Remuneration systems. Termination of employment contracts. Group dismissals. Transfer of employees. Warnings. Part-time arrangements. Secondment issues. Non-compete obligations. Job references. Anti-discrimination issues. Specific employment law issues. Employee data protection / data transfer within corporate groups. Optimization of employer-employee relationships. Whistleblower systems. 

Disputes: Representation in the labor court. Representation in the European Court of Justice. Representation in conciliation committee proceedings. Obtaining test cases. Bargaining with Trade Unions.


Company pension schemes: Evaluation and assessment. Cash funding for pension liabilities. Choice of the best pension scheme structure. Life cycle models. Negotiation with work councils and trade unions. Tactics and implementation. Opting-out models. Pension and risk management. Supplemental retirement arrangements.

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