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If you are a student, a legal trainee or a young professional, if you are willing to go the extra mile, we offer flexibility, training and development opportunities at all levels.

Would you like to work in a top-notch legal firm with an international footprint during your training – but prefer not within the structures of a large law firm?

With us you get to experience real lawyer’s life from day one.

You will be a full member of the team from the very beginning, work in active cases and participate in all professional and social events.

We actively foster your English language skills. Take the opportunity and maybe one day you’ll be able to work in one of our foreign offices.

Being part of act legal means working at the level of a major law firm without being just “a cog in the machine”.

From the very beginning we shape (legal) personalities who also think with entrepreneurial spirit, going beyond being lawyers off the rack.

With us you decide on an internationally renowned legal environment, highly demanding mandates, direct exposure with the client from very early in your career and with attractive and competitive compensation.

Would you like a true chance to become a partner in an internationally renowned law firm?

We have a transparent and defined career plan.  You will be set clear objectives, and you will be evaluated periodically. Meritocracy is our guide. Your professional progress will depend exclusively on your professional merits and you will enjoy real future prospects, including the possibility one day of becoming a partner.

You will have the opportunity to go outside your own comfort zone and prove yourself boldly under the guidance of an experienced partner.

Join us and share our culture of meritocracy based on the CPEA concept that encompasses our values:

  • Commitment
  • Profitability
  • Excellence
  • Anticipation

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Here is why act legal is the first choice of law firm for international businesses, corporate clients, investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

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