General Government Regulations 25. March 2020

Romania: COVID-19: Temporary closing measures under the state of emergency

25. March 2020
Mihaela Poșircă
act legal Romania

Under the Covid-19 state of emergency, temporary closing measures of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, clubs, casinos, associations’ headquarters or other public places may be ordered by the authorities. The measures currently in force include the following:

  • temporary closing of shopping centersexcept for:
    • sale of food, pharmaceutical or veterinary products;
    • cleaning services;
    • sale of electronic / electric household products by the economic operators which also ensure home delivery / delivery at the headquarters of purchaser;
    • sale of medical optics products and services;
  • temporary suspension of activities such as food or beverage serving and consumption within restaurants, hotels, cafes or other public places within the interior or exterior spaces designated for this purpose, except for the options which allow clients not to remain in the respective spaces, such as:
    • drive-in;
    • room service;
    • home delivery;
  • temporary suspension ofall cultural, scientific, artistic, religious, sports, entertainment, gambling, SPA and personal care activities which are performed in closed spaces;
  • temporary suspension of dental medicine offices, except for urgent interventions;
  • events of more than 100 persons in open spaces are also prohibited, while events with a lower number of participants may be organised provided that a distance of minimum 1 meter is ensured between participants.

At the same time, additional measures must be applied by public institutions and economic operators, which are required to mark the areas designated for the public / clients’ access within their respective spaces, as well as the customer-care and the sales’ area with visible indicators to guide the people to observe the minimal safety distance of 1.5 meters.

Stricter safety measures have also been adopted for the agri-food market administrators, which must organise the sale activity so that social distancing is maintained between agricultural producers, merchants and purchasers. Agricultural producers and merchants are also obliged to wear safety masks and gloves.

Mihaela Poșircă
act legal - Botezatu Estrade Partners
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