ACT Online Seminar: Labour Law Germany Update 2022

Online Seminar

The year 2022 is shaping labour law: Triggered by the coalition agreement, the Corona Protection Regulation, the EU Whistleblowing Directive. I will be happy to answer your questions on labour law!

In the Management Circle online seminar “Labour Law Germany Update 2022” we will talk in a practical and compact way, as well as adapted to the current situation, about

  • The latest news on the legal structure of employment relationships
  • Implementation of the coalition agreement, e.g. minimum wage, marginal part-time workers
  • Discussion and implementation of the Corona Protection Ordinance in the company
  • Digitalisation of HR processes around data protection and use of AI
  • EU Whistleblowing Directive – status of implementation in national law

Your personal advantage: You can have this seminar credited as a compulsory further training course for specialist lawyers in accordance with §15 FAO.

Your additional plus: Save 15% of the seminar price when booking and quote the code “ArbRecht15”.

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