Real Estate Transcations – How to evaluate, design and conclude

Online or face-to-face event

The real estate market is booming. Numerous purchases and sales of real estate take place every day, but these transactions are not easy. They require careful examination, legal know-how and good preparation. There are numerous sources of error that can quickly lead to financial or economic damage. But you can avoid all these risks in the future.

In this seminar, you will learn about the most important phases of real estate transactions and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Your benefit

  • Learn how to strategically prepare real estate transactions and subsequently anchor the most important contents in the purchase agreement in a legally secure manner.
  • Understand how to efficiently manage legal due diligence and recognize deal breakers.
  • Train how to ensure correct real estate appraisals and thus specifically prevent manipulation.
  • Learn to recognize disruptions at an early stage in order to avoid delays in the transaction process.


  • Asset or Share Deal:
    Understanding differences and choosing structure
  • Confidentiality agreement:
    Establishing security and hedging costs
  • Legal Due Diligence:
    Creating transparency and avoiding risks
  • Real estate purchase agreements:
    Getting to know the land purchase agreement and share deal
  • Real estate valuation:
    Obtaining data and valuing appropriately
  • Real estate appraisals:
    Recognizing correctness and preventing manipulation
  • Automated valuation:
    Assessing the degree of accuracy and recognizing deficiencies

For whom is the seminar suitable?

This seminar is aimed at managers and senior staff from the real estate, investment and finance industries, as well as fund asset management, housing and management companies. It is also suitable for brokers, tax consultants and auditors. In addition, we address specialists and managers from the tax, finance and accounting departments as well as interested consultants and lawyers.

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