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What makes us unique

act legal Germany has the service profile of a major international law firm, combined with the efficient structures of a boutique. So, with us you receive top quality individual advice at an attractive price. We have grown consistently from within over 20 years. Our age mix ensures momentum and experience at pace with the times. With act legal Germany you have a guarantee of continuity and clout.

act legal Germany advises well over 1,500 companies and groups, financial investors and credit institutions, as well as affluent private individuals, shareholders and company managements. Ranging from 1 to 400,000 employees. Publicly listed or privately owned. Owner-managed or with external management. About one-third from abroad. Thriving or in crisis situations. As a project or within the scope of permanent consulting. Engaged by shareholders, company management or legal departments.

We work in experienced teams of two. You therefore always have an accessible point of contact, guaranteed high quality and strength of performance. As a client, you cannot work with “it could be this, or maybe that”. We write and advise in clear and immediately comprehensible terms with a clear recommendation. So, your further course of action is precisely mapped out.

Many of our lawyers also have additional qualifications in business administration. In this way, we always understand the economic rationale behind our task. For you this ensures precise legal implementation of your commercial objectives.

We work with a high degree of technical support. Cloud based, with business by design software, smart contracts, deep learning technology and the most up-to-date communication tools. This means we can meet even our clients most demanding requirements on equal terms.

We do not distinguish between headline deals and day-to-day business – every client receives closest attention.

With us, you get the deal done. Our strength in efficient management and implementation of M&A, restructuring and real estate projects in particular is well known in the market. This is because we staff projects with lawyers experienced in negotiations, who act fairly and pragmatically.

We like our clients and our clients like us. Along with our professionalism, you will also feel at home with us personally. You will notice this as soon as you engage with us.

As personalities we have just as many facets as our clients. We gain special clout by combining our strengths. At act legal Germany you will therefore always find the right point of contact.

We have a close basis of trust with our clients and we often see through decision-making processes from the very beginning. Many entrepreneurs and top managers therefore appreciate us as a sparring partner on every level.

Our budgets are well thought through. We transparently go over the basis of our calculations with you. So, you have budget control.

Your concerns are not confined to office hours. We are equipped with the most modern communication tools and are always available for you when you need us.

We guarantee client protection. We either openly engage with clients or work in the background, as you wish. Cooperation with us is not a one-way street. We are therefore frequently the chosen point of contact for foreign law firms and also act in partnership with many German lawyers, tax consultants and auditors.

We are our clients’ confidantes in all commercial matters. It goes without saying that we therefore also very regularly make our excellent contacts in the business world available to our clients, especially links to financial institutions and investors.

We are the only medium-sized law firm in Germany with our own international footprint: our act legal offices throughout continental Europe. In addition, we have maintained “best friends” relationships in all major economic centres of the world for 20 years. As a member of LAWorld, our international network of lawyers with 57 independent medium-sized law firms and more than 1,350 lawyers in 100 cities, we have excellent networks and a first-class position worldwide. Our clients thus have direct access to excellent legal advice anywhere in the world.

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act legal Uniqueness

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