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Trusteeships and Investments

We resolve special situations, complex funding and investment projects for companies, shareholders, investors, financial institutions and creditors. As a trustee or reorganization investor, we provide all services necessary for the sustainable recovery of the companies entrusted to us.

act legal Germany

We solve special situations, complex financing and investment projects for companies, shareholders, investors, financial institutions and creditors.

Shareholder role

We take over the formal role of shareholder, thereby safeguarding not only the maintenance of existing funding lines but also the granting of bridging loans. Our excellent reputation is crucial to stabilization of management, deferral of debt claims and to requisite employee contributions. All parties can depend on us acting in our special position correctly and in a balanced and fair manner in the best interests of the assets entrusted to us, with due regard for both historical background and the workforce.


For us a firm’s operative management is one of our responsibilities. Depending on the situation we can either provide the necessary support to existing management or take over operative responsibility. On supervisory boards we always take an active role.

Interim management

We are regarded as interim managers where personal integrity and assertiveness are required. We guarantee 100% transparency of figures, budget certainty and prompt implementation of defined plans. Our interim managers are not one-man bands but the first person you will speak to out of more than 40 top-class experts.

Project coordination

When we take responsibility for coordination everyone can be sure that projects will run with optimal smoothness. We professionally monitor all relevant work streams  -whether it be finance, M&A, restructuring, insolvency issues, IDW S6 procedure, marketing, creditor psychology or workforce sensitivities. We consider contributions made by other project participants to be essential building blocks for project success.


Decisions on reporting details and the timing of reports are all up to you. We can help with every kind of reporting and adjust the control of businesses entrusted to us to match requirements.


In discussions with all parties involved we take care to reorganize existing financial structures and collateral in line with given business performance. Conversely, we also ensure that agreed financing measures are strictly observed. This is the only way to restore the essential trust of financial partners.


There are few firms like us when it comes to cost-cutting, efficiency and always having a reasonable sense of proportion. This is how we safeguard general acceptance and the sustainable recovery of businesses placed in our hands. We precisely implement reorganization surveys in light of what is both sensible and feasible. We can also have a formative influence on the preparation of reorganization surveys.


With us you do the deal. We are renowned for our strength in efficiently piloting and realizing M&A and restructuring projects in particular. The reason for this is that the lawyers we put in charge of projects are experienced negotiators who are also numerate and act fairly and pragmatically.

Investment management

We relieve you of the entire administration process and control investments in all respects for your sole benefit.

Deal sourcing

We have direct access at very early stages to attractive transaction opportunities before they come on to the market. Our recommendations have led to many deals in the past

Business consultancy

Precision in process and business analysis, concept, marketing, funding, cost/performance accounting, corporate valuations and financial control is essential. A crucial success factor in many instances, however, will be the precise presentation of analysis findings to stakeholders. And we have particular expertise in this.

Investor network

When we approach investors there is a high probability that they will invest. Investors trust us because they know that we have provided many attractive opportunities in the past. So you benefit from our high degree of consumer confidence.

act legal Uniqueness

Here is why act legal is the first choice of law firm for international businesses, corporate clients, investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

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act legal Germany

Your primary contacts for act TreuInvest

Dr. Thomas Block, MBA

Attorney at law
Labor restructuring

Maximilian Dieler

Attorney at law
Commercial Contracts, Distressed M&A

Thomas Kirschner, lic. oec. HSG

Business Consultant, Attorney at law
CEO, Distressed M&A, Insolvency consulting

Dr. Alexander Höpfner

Attorney at law
CIO, Insolvency administrator, Insolvency monitor

Dr. Friederike Jawad, LL.M.

Attorney at law
Labor restructuring

Dr. Tara Kamiyar-Müller

Attorney at law
Real Estate
Commercial Contracts

Dr. Felix Melzer

Attorney at law
Insolvency consulting, Insolvency monitor
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