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We help our clients to set goals and understand how to achieve them, saving the two most important things today: time, by far the most valuable, and money.

Independence, transparency and fairness are core values of the relationship with our clients, who are also asked to respect and share these same values, in order to let us create a long lasting, fruitful and close relationship.

Planning of activities, constant monitoring of the procedures and efficiency are pursued on a daily basis also through the support of technological resources with which act legal Italy is equipped in order to give the clients prompt answers, consistent with their needs and a constant monitoring of activities carried out in their interest.

Our broad range of business clients consist of private and public companies, private equity funds, financial institutions and individuals, ranging from start-up ventures and middle market businesses, to large multinational companies. Given that our clients operate in all sectors of the economy, we tailor our representation specifically to address each client’s unique and evolving needs. We understand that each client is different, so we customize our representation for each client.

Friendship, common ethics, professional esteem and the desire to create a firm in which our entire team feels part of a common project that goes beyond individualism and personal gain, are our daily inspiration.

We put our clients at the centre of our thinking.

This goes beyond the legal deliverable we provide, we truly put ourselves in our client’s shoes and looking at their goals and how we can assist the client in the efficient way.

When we make a decision, evaluate a new tool, or try a new process, regardless of whether our client is an investment fund, a family office, a financial institution, a joint stock company or a private individual, we always ask ourselves “what value will this bring to our client?”

We consider our clients’ experience right at the start of their journey, from when they first realize they have a legal issue, through to when they inquire about our services and book an initial consult, to when the final bill is paid and we ask for a referral.

The daily comparison between professionals and client, the interest in the knowledge of its organizational model and the integration between different competences promotes a respectful approach towards the peculiarity of each matter and the actual needs of the client.

So as to provide always a top-notch legal assistance, whenever it is necessary, we also rely on the support of highly qualified professionals and academics as Of Counsel.

Our clients don’t just come to us to get a legal issue resolved: they come to us for support, advice, reassurance and peace of mind. Lean into this—finding better ways to address these client needs will show our client we care and help them rest easier.

We communicate clearly and often with our clients.

Communication to us means more than just providing updates on a case: it’s about being proactive so that clients feel informed and taking the time to ensure clients truly understand everything that is going on.

We do not make assumptions; we ask about our clients’ experiences and look for opportunities to improve.

Technology is key in a 4.0 Law Firm, we adopt and keep constantly updated cloud-based management software, smart contracts, video conferencing, sharing platforms and other new-tech communication tools.

A sustainable growth model and the organizational structure adopted, aiming to enhance the autonomy of each professional within a constant team work, aspire to provide Italian and foreign clients punctuality, efficiency and personal involvement of our members on each entrusted case, in the context of transparent tariff policies and proportioned to the budget that is indicated to us.

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