act legal Czech Republic (Řanda Havel Legal) 24. June 2021

act legal Czech Republic advised Sokolov Chemical Company Synthomer a.s.

act legal Czech Republic (act Řanda Havel Legal) provided legal advice to the Sokolov chemical company, which is part of the global chemical group Synthomer, in connection with the planned transition to a new source, which should be more environmentally friendly.

Sokolov chemical company Synthomer a.s. will build a new energy source for almost 140 million crowns. The original coal source will replace the gas source, which is to contribute to improving the environment and reducing coal mining. On 15 June, the representatives of Synthomer, the Senate of the Czech Republic, the Karlovy Vary Region, the municipal authority of Sokolov and the supplier company took part in the ceremonial signing of the contract with the supplier CHP Trading on the construction of a new source.

This is one of the largest investment events of the company in its history. Thanks to the new source, CO2 emissions will be reduced by a third, emissions of other pollutants and water abstraction from the Ohře River will significantly fall. This is another major contribution of Synthomer to improving the environment in Sokolov. The original coal source was built in the Sokolov chemical plant in 1917, when the plant itself was established. The new source of steam production in Synthomer will include three high-pressure steam boilers that will burn natural gas.

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