act legal Germany (AC Tischendorf Rechtsanwälte) 4. October 2019

act legal firm AC Tischendorf advises Bisnode

act legal firm AC Tischendorf advises and represents Bisnode (Partner of Dun &Bradstreet in Germany), one of the leading credit agencies for company information worldwide, in court in more than 200 investor lawsuits and 700 additional disputes related to the financial service provider Future Business /Infinus („Fubus“). The insolvency proceeding of Fubus is regarded as one of the most complex one of the German post-war history with 40.000 involved investors.

Due to the extent of the mass procedures as well as because of the specific issues in relation to capital markets law, the mandate is highly complex. It includes the differentiation of ratings in terms of the (new) rating regulationon credit scoring, including issues of damage compensation.