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act legal Hungary leads legal representation of Air France – KLM in 11 countries

Five regional and international law firms had participated in the restricted tender and the winner was announced at the end of February. The legal services cover a number of fields of the airline operation, including cases of aviation law, under this especially customer claims and debt collection; moreover, the legal consultancy of contract law, labour law, advertising and competition law, data protection and GDPR compliance. The Hungarian law firm as a centre shall coordinate the long-term legal engagement distributing the legal tasks among the law offices and they shall provide services in cooperation with each other. The legal engagement in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Austria is covered by act legal firms, whereas the law firms from Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Switzerland are part of act legal’s international legal network.

“In February it was a year ago that we joined the continental-European act legal alliance. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that we can celebrate the anniversary with this great legal engagement. It is already an honorable and challenging task to provide legal services for a company group of this size, not to mention coordinating the work of other law firms in 10 different countries.” – Dr. Gergely Bán, LL.M., the managing partner of the Bán and Karika Attorneys at Law said.  

“The dynamic and professional approach of the act legal alliance was very convincing, in addition the presented references as the combination of these two factors have led for the award of the engagement.” – Mr. Péter Wollner, the purchasing manager of Air France – KLM central European region said.