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Consortium enters into public procurement contract for airport transport service

After three appeal proceedings, a consortium made up of General Aviation Services Sp. z o.o. and Heli Holland Air Service B.V. (the “Consortium”) signed a 3-year air transport services agreement with Lotos Petrobaltic S.A. (tendering process no. NH-ZP-12/2016).

Lawyers from act legal Poland, BSWW, were advising the Consortium on bid preparation and activities taken as part of the process (incl. responses to the contracting authority’s notices). They were also representing the Consortium efficiently during appeal proceedings, incl. one initiated as a consequence of an appeal lodged by the Consortium, which led to the revocation of the decision on the cancellation of the procurement process, and reinstatement of the Consortium’s tender, as well as two resulting from the actions of another contractor (that also submitted its offer in the procurement process) which challenged the selection of the Consortium’s bid.

Marcelina Daszkiewicz represented the Consortium in appeal proceedings. Marek Wojnar and Magdalena Piotrowska were also involved in the case.

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