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Enzis for Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha (MIA) published a request for tender seeking tenders for outdoor furniture in 2018. PPAG submitted a bit offering Enzis and Enzos and won the contract.

If you live in Vienna, you know what an Enzi is. In 2002, the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna (MQ) asked PPAG architects to develop ideas for MQ’s courtyard. The PPAG team designed modular outdoor furniture which due to ist unique form and flexibility enables a large variety of human body positions. At that time Mrs Daniela Enzi was MQ’s long tern commissioner and that is why these outdoor objects where then called Enzis. Visitors of MQ’s courtyard love to sit, lay or even jump from Enzis and Enzos, the latter is an enhanced version of the Enzi and was developed in collaboration with MN*LS in 2010 (

Georg Poduschka and the PPAG team trusted in WMWP act legal Austria to negotiate the contracts with Qatar’s officials and to execute the international transaction. Martin Wiedenbauer, leading the legal team said: „I am sure that in very short time MIA’s visitors will love their Enzis like we do in Vienna“.

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