act legal Austria (WMWP Rechtsanwälte) 26. November 2020

WMWP act legal Austria advises search for innovation partner for aquatic centre

Because the life cycle of the aquatic centre in Klagenfurt will end in the next few years, the city has decided to implement a major infrastructure project.

After a location was found and based on the results of a public participation process, an innovation partner was sought through a Europe-wide tender. Porr has emerged as a development and innovation partner and will develop the project together with the city until it is ready for implementation. On November 16, 2020, the necessary contracts were signed in Klagenfurt City Hall.

The development and innovation partnership will not focus exclusively on the aquatic centre. It also includes the development of a much larger planning area with regard to add-ons, taking into account the Klagenfurt SmartCity strategy, sustainable energy supply and orientation towards a federal sports center with a focus on triathlon.

Dr Martin Wiedenbauer, who led the legal team, congratulated the city on the conclusion of this complex process and is convinced that the new path taken will lead to very good results for the city.

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