Mgr. Dagmar Huťanová

Attorney at law
Phone: +421 903 718 844

Dagmar is a distinguished attorney specializing in litigation, civil, and family law, with expertise in administrative and criminal law.

Banking & finance

Intellectual Property, IT, Technology, Telecommunications & Media

International Law & EU Law

Commercial Law, Company Law, M&A

Labour Law & Employment

Real Estate & Construction law

Administrative Law

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Debt Recovery

Her extensive legal background includes roles at the Court of Appeal, law firms, and financial institutions, where she excelled in representing clients and crafting court decisions.

Known for outstanding organizational skills, analytical prowess, and project management acumen, Dagmar navigates complex projects effortlessly. While currently practicing as an attorney, she garnered valuable experience as a senior court clerk, handling appellate decisions. As an associate, she adeptly managed legal filings, drafted pleadings, and represented clients in court.

In her role as an associate attorney, Dagmar oversaw work-out cases and supervised contract documentation. Notably, she acquired valuable know-how in leasing services, successfully negotiating with external clients and overseeing criminal and bankruptcy matters.

Previously, she managed the comprehensive legal portfolio of a Bratislava law firm, offering legal services to both Slovak and foreign clients across Slovakia. Dagmar continues to stand out as a seasoned legal professional with diverse expertise.

She laid the foundation for her professional expertise through the completion of a Master’s degree in law, a successful professional judicial examination, and a hands-on study practice at a law firm. During her time as a legal assistant, she diligently crafted legal materials and analyses, honing her skills for a robust legal foundation.