Stefano Nicola

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Stefano Nicola is an expert in labour law, trade union law and industrial relations, as well as in social security law. Stefano is also partner of the homonymous law firm specialized in employment law. He regularly represents and assists both Italian and foreign clients before the Labour Sections of Italian Courts and Courts of Appeal, as well as before the Supreme Court, in proceedings concerning all areas of labour law, trade union law and social security. Over the years he has gained significant experience in litigation concerning individual and collective dismissals, qualification of the nature of the employment relationship, duties and classification, mobbing, disciplinary proceedings, transfers of business and transfer of personnel, contracts for the supply of work/services, work accidents and occupational diseases, agency and consultancy relationships, anti-union conduct, social security and welfare obligations and benefits. He provides consultancy and assistance in labour law on all issues relating to the establishment, management and termination of employment relationships, both subordinate and independent, as well as in corporate restructuring processes and insolvency proceedings. He organizes and manages labour due diligence activities in support of extraordinary corporate transactions. He has gained extensive experience in various sectors of industry, commerce and services: from engineering to telecommunications, from commerce to logistics, from construction to large-scale distribution, from professional training to healthcare, from multiservices to transport, from banking to insurance, up to non-profit sectors. He provides extrajudicial and judicial consultancy and assistance also in the field of public employment.

Employment law



Trade union law

Social security law

Graduated in law cum laude from the University of Turin in 2004

Enrolled in the Bar Association of Turin since December 3, 2007 and in the Register of Lawyers qualified to practice before the the Higher Courts since May 5, 2020

Member of CSDN – Centro Nazionale Studi di Diritto del Lavoro “Domenico Napoletano” – since 2008

Member of AGI – Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani – since 2016


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