act legal România 23. noiembrie 2023

act legal Romania welcomes a team of 9 lawyers from Consortium Legal: A friendly integration and a strategic step forward

In a legal landscape where partnerships often depend on advantage-driven motivations, act legal Romania is reshaping the narrative with a heartfelt welcome to former colleagues and friends: Consortium Legal, a Bucharest-based law firm best-known for its tech-savvy, regulatory, sports law and litigation lawyers, bringing a variety of complementary resources and skills to the already strong team of act legal Romania.

This joining of forces goes beyond a mere business strategy, as several attorneys in both firms, share a professional history with act legal team, having previously worked together in other firms. This is why, aside from the obvious goal of offering clients best-in-class and comprehensive legal services in an ever-evolving legal landscape, this step forward is seen as a friendly, much-welcomed move on both sides.

Now that the weddings season is over, Stelian and I realized we need to find occasions to have chats together 😊. Joking, of course, but truth be told, our partnership just came that easy – we worked together for a long time, then became good friends. We referred work to each other and worked together on several mandates. It’s not often to find such excellent human synergy, and when the professional values and capabilities match, how could we not work together under the same roof and brand? We are very, very happy to welcome the team at Consortium, and we are sure our clients, on both sides, will notice the added value this brings” mentioned Ștefan Botezatu, Managing Partner, act legal Romania.  

The team joining from Consortium Legal includes Partners Stelian Mic, Barna Bolonyi and Valeriu Timuș, Senior Counsel Isabela Delia Popa, Counsels Angela Cristea and Cristina Duțescu, Senior Associate Elena Costescu, Associate Cristina Ceaușu and Junior Associate Iulia Mitrache.

About act Botezatu Estrade Partners (act legal Romania)

act legal Romania is the local office of act legal, a European law firm with presence in 11 countries. act legal is a one-stop shop, providing a full range of cross-border legal services to companies and investors who intend to enter the continental European markets or are already present in the region.

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