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What makes us unique

Founded in 2016 by Stefan Botezatu (formerly Partner with international law firm Gide and CEE law firm Kinstellar) and Laura Estrade (formerly Associate with Gide and Counsel with Kinstellar).

A team of innovative, result oriented and flexible lawyers, all sourced from top international and local law firms, with an impressive track record of achievements acquired over time in high profile transactions and complex disputes conducted in a wide array of practice areas and sharing the same values and culture.

Trusted advisors for international groups having a long presence in Romania. Relationships with our clients date back to more than 15 – 20 years ago.

The main market players recognize the value and uniqueness of our services. Despite being competitors on the Romanian market, our services are required by and performed to the most important market players. This comes as another confirmation of the high standard of our services.

We bring together local intelligence and international expertise. We deliver swiftly using simple and clear management friendly language at international standards.

Some of our senior team members have been General Counsel in international groups. This offers us a unique insight into your true needs and expectations from outside counsel.

Beyond simply identifying existing risks we are able to forecast sector specific threats and challenges that our clients may face and provide them the best suited defence strategy.

Our in-depth knowledge of our clients businesses, as well as the understanding of the sector peculiarities and local market challenges, make us a valuable partner for developing successful investment projects and handling complex disputes.

We bet on innovation and we want to be part of those who contribute to the effort of turning Romania into a digitally developed and green country, in line with European standards.

Our values – Integrity, Agile Forward Thinking, Client Centric, Pragmatic Approach, Innovation. Thus, our advice is pragmatic and innovative.

Our values are transposed, among others, in the innovative legal products we have developed and which have brought us, over time, praise and recognition for our quality as a law firm dedicated to legal innovation.

Digitalization. we help your business transform through digitalization projects

Data Privacy and E-Privacy. we make sure that you are compliant with the evolving regulatory landscape

Software / Hardware. we structure deals, provide contract advice and push deals through

New Technologies. we understand new technologies such as RPA, AI, and blockchain. We help you overcome legal challenges posed by new technologies

Fintech / Crypto. we advise you in respect to the regulatory framework and specific issues related to hi-tech financial services and funding mechanisms

Tech Ventures. we’re there for you when entering into ventures and new projects involving technology development and implementation

Start-ups. we help you set up your start-up for future development and we make sure your start-up is in legal and regulatory shape from the get-go. This enables and streamlines funding and financing operations ensuring you have a rapid growth

eCommerce. we assist you structure your e-commerce business and navigate EU and local legal hurdles

Compliance / Regulatory. we help your business reduce compliance and regulatory drag when deploying new technologies

act legal Uniqueness

Here is why act legal is the first choice of law firm for international businesses, corporate clients, investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

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