Bankruptcies and restructuring

Bankruptcies and restructuring

In a company’s lifetime, there are times when crisis situations arise, making it necessary to take measures to restructure its debt or address its financial difficulties.

act legal Spain analyses and listens to the borrower’s situation with the utmost discretion and care, providing solutions that consider not only the company’s situation, but also that of the other stakeholders (partners, administrators, employees, suppliers, and clients).

We offer comprehensive advising before a situation of insolvency even occurs, helping businesses to avoid situations of liability (civil, bankruptcy, or criminal) by seeking the right refinancing and restructuring solutions for their situation and specific needs.

We have experience advising parties to disputes in business crises, covering every area of interest: commercial, tax, financial, accounting, etc.

Our lawyers also assist clients who are creditors, helping them to recover unpaid debts in an insolvency situation.


  • Support in the design of restructuring plans.
  • Debt refinancing plans: analysis, nature of loans, grace, effects and constitution of new guarantees.
  • Operational restructuring: interim management, working capital optimisation, cost restructuring plans, including negotiations with financial institutions and suppliers.
  • Standstill agreements.
  • Notification of the opening of negotiations with creditors and participation in them.
  • Filing for bankruptcy and complete monitoring of the proceedings of the debtor or creditor, including reimbursement actions and evidence of the determination of the bankrupt’s degree of fault.
  • Defence of the rights of financial creditors, employees, or rights of any other nature.
  • Transfers or purchases of credit rights.
  • Transfers of credit rights and purchase of a company’s productive unit.
  • Filing of no-asset bankruptcy and debt forgiveness.

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