Criminal and compliance

Criminal and compliance

The policies adopted by lawmakers and regulators are creating increasingly demanding compliance environments for organisations, regardless of their size. Business must be conducted in an ethical, transparent manner, assessing its potential impact on the market and on the associated stakeholders. For this reason, it’s never been more essential for companies to have a compliance model.

We are experts in implementing compliance systems that meet international standards (ISO 37001, 19600, etc.), which allow the implemented programme’s effectiveness to be verified.

At act legal Spain, our lawyers also handle the defence of a wide range of crimes. Whether we are acting for the defence or the prosecution, we put together multidisciplinary legal teams from all areas of practice that provide a comprehensive view of the case.


  • Implementation of compliance programs in accordance with the UNE 19601, UNE 37001, and UNE 37301 standards
  • Development of internal policies and/or procedures that are fully applicable to the organisation’s way of working. It’s not bureaucracy, it’s continuous improvement.
  • Collaboration and advice to the permanent body and Compliance Officer
  • Implementation of a complaints channel or whistleblower channel
  • In-house training
  • Internal investigations
  • Assistance to legal persons in court
  • Active and passive extraditions

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