Domestic and international arbitration

Domestic and international arbitration

Arbitration, and particularly international arbitration, has been gaining ground in recent years as an alternative to the courts of law for the resolution of disputes. Arbitration clauses are becoming increasingly common in a wide range of contracts.

Drawing upon their experience in domestic and international arbitration processes, the lawyers at Aledra are prepared to advise clients in choosing the best court and procedure based on their circumstances, context, and interests. That way, in case of litigation, they will be equipped to handle the arbitration process in the best possible conditions.

We act in ad hoc arbitration proceedings and in the main domestic and international arbitration courts.

For international arbitration cases, Aledra’s membership in the European Lawyers Network (ELN) makes it easy for us to put together teams of expert advisers in different jurisdictions affected by the procedure.


  • Commercial arbitrations
  • Recognition and enforcement of awards
  • Alternative dispute resolution processes: mediation, conciliation.
  • Actions prior to and after arbitration: arbitration agreement, petition for injunctive relief, enforcement and annulment of arbitration awards

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