Enterprise Risks & Insurance

Enterprise Risks & Insurance

The Enterprise Risks and Insurance department at act Aston Avocats is led by Sabine Liégès, who has specialized in civil liability, enterprise risks, and insurance for the past 25 years. The team advises and assists companies and large insurance groups in risk assessment, risk anticipation, and post-incident support.


  • The team is constantly focused on finding pragmatic, effective, and prompt solutions, preferably avoiding the slowness and heaviness of litigation (although litigation can also be a strategy).
  • They aim to be reactive and prioritize anticipation and adaptability.
  • Like a conductor, they work in consultation with companies, insurers, and experts to define the best solutions.

Consulting on civil liability and insurance

  • Damage and liability insurance.
  • Analysis of insurance policies: their scope, limitations, and vulnerabilities.
  • Study of liability issues.
  • Proposal of strategic solutions.

Support in claims management

  • Decision-making in the immediate aftermath of an incident to preserve evidence while limiting harmful consequences.
  • Development of a strategy for compensation and/or recourse against a responsible party.
  • Assistance in amicable expertise.
  • Negotiations.

The support provided can be either specific to a particular issue or ongoing until the resolution of the problem (reconstruction, compensation, negotiation, etc.).


  • Judicial expertise: active and involved assistance in expertise meetings, strategic meetings, drafting of statements, in constant consultation with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Proceedings: before civil, commercial, and administrative courts.
  • Issues of tort, contractual, or administrative liability.
  • Mediation, settlement.

Due to the slowness, cost, and burden of judicial expertise, the team proposes an alternative solution: legally secure amicable expertise, which can be faster, more flexible, less costly, and adaptable while preserving evidence.

Settlement and mediation are always preferred if they align with the determined strategy.

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