Flexible labor contract instruments

29. April 2021
10:00 - 13:00

Organiser: IHK Gießen-Friedberg

Especially in times of crisis, flexible working conditions are invaluable: lower fixed costs, flexible deployment of labour as needed, phasing out fixed-term contracts and possibly: reducing the number of “external” employees. Those looking for more flexibility can find it outside labour law: Freelancers, contracts for work or temporary work. However, many very sensible flexibility instruments can also be found in the “internal relationship”: wage structuring, working time, fixed-term contracts. The pathological finding is that both the effective drafting at the beginning and the modification of working conditions in the ongoing employment relationship pose challenges for employers. Small formal errors in the wording can cause big costs.


  • Flexible remuneration and pay systems:
  1. Instruments and structuring options in labour law practice.
  2. Bonus, turnover share, commission and co.: advantages and disadvantages
  3. Avoiding unwanted employee entitlements, e.g. through effective voluntariness and revocation reservations, key date and repayment clauses
  • Flexible working time models, especially long-term accounts, trust-based working time still permissible?
  • Fixed-term employment contracts – what is possible, what is usual:
  • Flexible structuring proposals on leave and leave of absence models
  • Alternative forms of employment


Dr. Thomas Block, MBA

Partner, act legal Germany
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Flexible labor contract instruments

29. April 2021 - 10:00 - 13:00 | Organiser: IHK Gießen-Friedberg

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