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Volkswagen acquires property in Poznan

Volkswagen Poznan sp. z o.o. relies on act legal Poland for the advice on the acquisition of property, which is crucial for the development of the company’ factory in Poznan. During the transaction Volkswagen was represented by legal advisor Marta Kosiedowska – partner in the real estate practice of act BSWW.

“For me – as the person who was managing the process of purchasing the above properties – it was important that act BSWW advised Volkswagen Poznań not only in strictly legal matters, but also was properly counted business risks and was a real support for my project team, which undoubtedly contributed the positive finalization of purchasing the properties, all within the framework of the schedule for realization of future investments”, said attorney Tobiasz Adam Kowalczyk, the Director of legal department of Volkswagen Poznań sp. z o.o.

“Having in mind how important this transaction is from the company’s point of view and how much time the company sacrificed for its finalization, we are especially proud of the fact that act BSWW was granted with the company’s faith and that we could represent Volkswagen during the acquisition”, said legal advisor Marta Kosiedowska.

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