Mateusz Prokopiuk

Phone: +48 22 420 59 59

Mateusz specializes in real estate law, real estate transactions (share and asset deals), due diligence audits, corporate law, mergers, acquisitions and investment financing. At the onset of his professional career, Mateusz was handling a lot of real estate due diligence audits but his focus soon shifted towards real estate transactions involving the sale/purchase of land lots for office, retail and residential developments. He negotiates financing conditions for notable real estate investment projects (incl. large shopping centers), while also advising companies from other market sectors on complex investment financing processes. Mateusz supervises due diligence audits related to the transactions that he handles. His experience includes consulting on mergers (incl. cross-border ones), acquisitions, and sale of enterprises or their business units. Additionally, Mateusz tackles joint venture processes and provides ongoing legal advisory services for companies operating across a wide range of industries.

Investment financing

Real estate

Corporate law


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw