Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

We provide skillful, straightforward legal counselling, regulatory compliance support and day-to-day legal guidance to a wide range of banks, financial institutions and corporate clients.

Banking litigation

Litigation. Defence against investor claims. Advice on securities and fund transactions. Enforcement of loan claims. Conflict resolution with supervisory authorities.

Banking supervisory law | Asset Management | Payment Services

Establishment of financial services companies. Approval procedures. Design of workflow and compliance organization. Representation vis-à-vis supervisory authorities. Advice in investigations by supervisory authorities. Outsourcing. Implementation of new regulations and provisions. Bank contract law. Assessment of new financial instruments. Equity and liquidity requirements.

Capital market law

Investment modelling. Structuring of products. Establishment of products. Capital market advice. Due diligence. IPO advice. Legal opinions. Employee compensation plans. Consultancy agreements. Ad-hoc disclosure. Insider law. Organization and conduct of general meetings. Notification requirements under the Securities Trading Act. Notification of voting rights.

Shareholder financing

Financing structures. Capital increases and reductions. Shareholder loans. Subordination agreements. Corporate group financing. Cash pools. Improvement of distribution and refinancing potential. Warranties and guarantees. Comfort letters. Demarcation of legal positions of debt and equity investors.

Third-party financing

Bank loans. Participation loans. Syndication of loans. Financial covenants. Mezzanine capital. Corporate bonds. Asset finance. Leasing. Sale and lease back. Public funding. Rating questions. Legal opinions. Debt to equity swaps. Bridge financing. Organization of banking pools. Debt reductions.

Acquisition financing | M&A financing

Private equity. Leveraged buyout. MBO. MBI. Carve-outs. Earn-out arrangements. Vendor notes. Corporate actions. Capex lines.

Safeguarding of credit

Evaluation and arrangement of collaterals. Collateral documentation. Collateral monitoring. Optimization of security realization. Structuring of factoring. Term sheets.

Special situations

Evaluation of restructuring ability and merit. Balance sheet restructuring. Debt waiver. Restructuring loans. Control of disposition of funds. Escrow solutions. Non-performing loans.


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