Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

We provide skillful, straightforward legal counselling, regulatory compliance support and day-to-day legal guidance to a wide range of banks, financial institutions and corporate clients.

We have extensive experience representing clients in lending, mergers and acquisitions, complex financings such as leveraged finance, acquisition finance, real estate financing, syndicated loans, bond and other debt securities issues, securitisation of performing and non-performing loans of different types of asset classes.

We regularly assist leading domestic banking groups both in credit management activities for NPLS (from the out-of-court to the executive phase) and in litigation relating to banking relations (anatocism, usurious interests, bankruptcy clawbacks) and the provision of investment services (negotiation of financial instruments, interest rate swap contracts).

We provide ongoing assistance to boards of directors and shareholders’ meetings of small and medium-sized banks, insurance companies and investment firms, as well as in complying with industry regulations and managing relations with the Supervisory Authorities.

We also work with FinTech companies, ranging from small cryptocurrency start-ups to leading payments companies and internet banks, to meet their unique needs by advising them on corporate issues, guiding them through the thicket of applicable regulations.

We also counsel start-ups and other early-stage companies on leveraging alternative funding sources and platforms, including advising them on the regulatory implications on the use of crowdfunding, which has become a significant and effective way for start-ups and emerging companies to raise capital.

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