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Our commercial lawyers have international training in addition to their local qualifications and have been a part of numerous multinational exercises requiring the review of commercial contracts.
Among others, we have accumulated expert knowledge in advising on: Partnership/Joint Venture Agreements; Cobranding / Co-development Agreements; Outsourcing of Strategic Functions Agreements; Fabrication / Manufacturing / Development Agreements; Operation and Maintenance Agreements; Franchise Agreements; Engineering / Procurement / Construction Agreements; Commercial Agency and Distribution Agreements, etc.


2020 has been pivotal for eCommerce and digitalisation. The pandemic made the e-trade moguls richer and this trend is not expected to slow down over the next years. With domination and proliferation comes responsibility and the legislative framework must be adjusted to make this actionable. It is essential to draft General Terms and Conditions, Return and Delivery Policies while considering the exceptions to “country of origin” principle in EU e-Commerce. Local consumer regulations of digital trade can be important; however, the increased legislative conversion on EU level expands this to geo-blocking, VAT, competition, and digital goods essential part of the landscape too.

Our clients in the retail sector are either going digital or revving up their online stores and our eCommerce task force is busier than ever. From virtual POS terms to legal design of digital marketing and electronic contract formation, influencers’ contracts and representation and data protection, maintaining a low risk/high profile eCommerce site requires lawyers skilled in the art. We are ready to put your terms in plain English to help you meet your clients halfway and manage their expectations in a business-friendly, compliant manner.


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