Compliance & Data Protection

Compliance & Data Protection

We regularly advise our clients on compliance matters with insurance and banking sector regulations, as well as on drafting the procedures for defining responsibilities in terms of health and safety at workplace, corporate social responsibility issues and organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

We also advise financial, banking and insurance intermediaries to adapt to industry regulations and to manage relations with the Supervisory Authorities.

We also assist clients in complying with the data protection regulation addressing all the issues related to the discipline from the risk assessment phase to the preparation of the organizational model, addressing in particular the issues related to the purposes of the treatment, to the data retention and the regulation of relations with external processors.

We also support our clients in updating their internal policies on data protection, in the review and drafting of all corporate documentation in the field of data protection as well as providing them with training sessions to keep clients up to date on such an constantly evolving matter.

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