Our energy experts have gained their experience over the years working alongside leading lawyers from European first-tier legal firms. We have advised on large ticket transactions in the heavily regulated nuclear energy sector and crossed over our licensing expertise with our financial services and M&A prowess to deliver outstanding results for our international clients.

We have assisted the full life-cycle of large energy transaction from due diligence and acquisition of assets/shares through licensing, EPC and O&M contracts to the complex real estate law and urban planning and permitting matter of grid construction and transfer of electrical equipment. We have assisted our clients on their participation and negotiation with respect to the balancing energy market and registration and dealing with electricity traders. Our expertise in environmental law and environmental damage, urban planning and construction law, commodities trading regulations, labor law and commercial contracts has helped us provide well-rounded and practical advice.

We have advised the Bulgarian Energy Exchange on structuring their settlement and clearing procedures which has put to good use our deep understanding of the cross-over between energy and commodities trading, OTC transactions, MiFID and capital adequacy and insolvency regulations.
Our environmental, energy and financial services practice form a climate change task force which is equipped to advise on emissions trading and carbon storage regulatory issues, applicable limits.

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