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Intellectual Property

We are dedicated to serve as a protector of the intangible assets of your business success.

From 2020 we extended our practice to the intellectual property by intensifying our best friendship with Mr. Fabrizio Jacobacci, founding partner of the well renowned IP-only specialized firm Jacobacci & Associati.

Jacobacci & Associati has extensive experience in intellectual property law, from the common to the cutting edge.

Founded in the mid-1990s, Jacobacci & Associati now provides domestic and foreign clients specialized services in IP and commercial litigation, transactional and regulatory matters, which include managing cross-border commercial transactions and national and European antitrust issues.

The core characteristics of the practice include a client-centered approach, utilizing experience acquired in Italy and abroad through a strong international practice, attention and efficiency, technological innovation and a detailed focus, on-going professional development and exploration of new frontiers in law and business.

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