The timing of justice and the uncertainty of the result are often incompatible with the needs of the client.

Regardless of its size and complexity, a commercial dispute has the potential to disrupt a business, requiring the diversion of valuable time and resources which could be better spent on more profitable endeavors.

For these reasons, we always try to help our clients to seek out-of-court dispute resolution; however, in all cases where this is not possible, we guide them towards the best litigation strategy and the right type of proceedings to pursue also in terms of costs and time.

Our approach has often proved a winning strategy in pinpointing our clients’ objectives and achieving their goals.

The firm acts for clients in litigation, at every level of national court, both ordinary and special, and concerning civil, commercial, corporate, banking, financing, or bankruptcy matters, as well as in proceedings before regulatory authorities.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle all stages of litigation, from the outset of the dispute through and including trial and any appeal.

We have also dealt with many arbitration proceedings, ranging from cases of contractual, corporate and commercial dispute that can arise between companies of different nationalities.

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