Restructuring / Insolvency

Restructuring / Insolvency

act Aston Avocats has developed a Restructuring - Insolvency practice, currently led by François-Xavier Ruellan. As an essential department in the life of businesses, act Aston Avocats strengthens its growth and advisory services to companies with François-Xavier's arrival. To better understand the functioning, challenges, and needs of its clients, the department adopts a proactive approach within various industries. With a sharp technical expertise and unwavering dedication, the department provides assistance to companies, particularly in the energy, finance, industry, commerce, and mobility sectors.

Prevention of difficulties

The collective procedure

act Aston Avocats’ team has developed a strong expertise in the field of collective procedures, enabling him to intervene closely with companies, whether in the context of safeguard procedures, judicial reorganizations, or liquidation proceedings.

Financing and refinancing of companies

Familiar with the financing and refinancing issues faced by companies, act Aston Avocats is not hesitant to seek innovative solutions, including through the use of trusts, to take into account the specificities of the companies, their production cycles, and the expectations of creditors.

Business acquisitions

Our team also assists companies in external growth operations by organizing the acquisition of distressed companies, which may be subject to collective proceedings if necessary.

Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes are one of the main sources of company blockage, as shareholders, due to conflicts among them, are no longer able to establish stable leadership within their company. Finding a lasting solution becomes essential to preserve not only the company’s assets but also the interests of shareholders and their partners.

Complex litigation

The difficulties faced by companies often stem from underlying disputes that disrupt them, whether internally or in their financing structure. In such cases, it is often useful to integrate these disputes within a collective procedure framework in order to mitigate or limit the financial or legal consequences of a conviction, redefine an appropriate legal strategy for ongoing proceedings, while giving the companies time to restructure.

Furthermore, the Restructuring department conducts genuine intermediation missions with the “territorial economic files” department of the Ministry of Economy, the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring (CIRI), the Directorate-General for Enterprises (DGE), and the Inter-Company Mediation in order to negotiate specific agreements to support its clients’ activities.

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