Social – Social Protection

Social – Social Protection

The Social - Social Protection department manages, supervises, and anticipates difficulties in employer/employee relationships at an individual and collective level, based on a thorough understanding of labor law and social law.

The team advises clients on various matters, including collective bargaining negotiations, drafting employment contracts, individual and collective dismissals, reorganization and executive departures, consultation with employee representative bodies, and conducting social audits.

The pursuit of the human dimension is always prioritized, both in our role as human resources and organizational consultants, as well as in litigation.

Daily support and advice on “HR” aspects

  • Consultancy in social law and human resources.
  • Daily support for HR directors in individual work-related matters: hiring and drafting employment contracts, dismissals, mutual terminations, and negotiated terminations.
  • Daily support for HR directors in collective work-related matters.
  • Establishment and management of employee representative bodies.
  • Collective bargaining: working hours, time-saving accounts.
  • Accompaniment during executive departures.
  • Management of reorganizations:
  • Social audits.
  • Restructuring, Job Safeguard Plan, Voluntary Departure Plan.
  • Social management of mergers and acquisitions.

Pre-litigation and litigation

  • Individual and collective pre-litigation and litigation.
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements.
  • URSSAF (French social security agency) control.

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