Tax – Incentives

Tax – Incentives

The Tax - Incentives department is led by Rachel Dress, specializing in taxation, an expertise she has been practicing since 2005. Her role is to provide comprehensive support to companies and executives with a 360-degree vision in both corporate taxation (M&A, audits, and restructurings) and personal and wealth taxation.

Advice and support for executives/funds

  • Transactional taxation: external growth operations, restructurings, LBOs
  • Personal taxation: executive and employee remuneration arrangements, implementation of incentive tools (AdP, AGAs, BSPCE), assistance in asset (professional and personal) transmission

Advice and support for companies in their daily tax issues

  • Tax consolidation
  • Tax treatment of financial charges
  • Tax management of flows (management fees, royalties, interest, cash pooling)
  • VAT treatment of flows
  • Payroll tax
  • Research and development (research tax credit)

Real estate tax advice

  • Direct and indirect taxation related to the acquisition, holding, or sale of real estate assets (corporate tax, registration duties, real estate VAT, 3% tax, specific taxes)
  • Transactional taxation: sale of shares (share deal) or assets (asset deal)
  • Structuring of investments (OPPCI) and flow management.

Litigation: Assistance in tax audits and general assistance in relations with tax authorities

  • Support in the event of a tax audit (accounting review, ESFP, special procedures such as default taxation…)
  • Assistance in pre-contentious/gracious appeals (superior hierarchical authority, interlocutor, Conciliator or Mediator, Commission for direct taxes and turnover taxes, Conciliation Commission)
  • Support in procedures before Courts (administrative or judicial) up to the Court of Cassation if necessary
  • Assistance in relations with tax authorities (obtaining tax rulings, monitoring approval requests, comprehensive settlements).

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