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Providing our clients with a strong legal background for their long-term investments and day-to-day decisions. With the ability to understand and see things in context, we actively create professional synergies in our legal consultations. Whether it is technology, healthcare, financial investments, or ecology, detailed knowledge of the sector is always a key. We think and act fairly and with the best judgment on behalf of our clients. Our recommendations are unambiguous, understandable, and with a clear idea of the next steps, and their legal or business implications. If you are facing an important business decision or a challenging issue with legal implications, you can count on us.

Our team consists of more than 20 lawyers with many years of experience in legal consulting and dozens of other external advisors for strategic investments, tax, or technology. We are part of the act legal alliance, which comprises over 400 lawyers, financial, tax and business advisors working in 11 law firms in 9 European countries. With a strong expert background, we can react very quickly to non-trivial legal challenges and create an experienced expert team with an international reach for our clients.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice for corporate law, business collaborations, projects and transactions in Slovakia and internationally. We specialize in the areas of commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and restructuring, tax law and transfer pricing.

Clarity of opinion, the ability to see things in context and detailed knowledge of the industry in which our clients operate are key. We, therefore, design legal solutions not only with legal risks in mind but also risks associated with the way our clients do business. Our recommendations are unambiguous, understandable and with a clear idea of the next steps and their legal or business implications. Clients appreciate our fair and pragmatic approach to resolving projects and legal disputes.

Advising dozens of Slovak companies and their international operations, which are among the leaders in their field. Our speciality is IT and telecommunications, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, we provide legal advice to financial institutions, investment groups, private individuals and public authorities.

We believe that in order to provide legal services, it is necessary to know the client’s business and be part of its strategic decisions or activities. This requires creating a friendly environment that matters. Even on challenging projects, we remain human and often personal friends with our clients.

We also represent foreign clients and international corporations. If you are doing business in Slovakia, planning to invest in Slovakia or if you are looking for legal support in dealing with Slovak law issues, don´t hesitate to contact us. In addition to Slovak, we provide services in several languages – Czech, Hungarian, English, Russian, German and Italian.

act MPH advocates is a multiple winner in the Law Firm of the Year competition, which is evaluated by an independent expert jury. We have repeatedly won and received the ”Law Firm of the Year” award in the Telecommunications, Information Technology Law , Litigation category and Transport Construction Law categories. Thanks to our professional approach, we have achieved “highly recommended” and “recommended” ratings in the following categories: Corporate, Competition, Restructuring & Insolvency, Development & Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Employment, Public Procurement, Litigation, Tax, Energy & Power Projects, Healthcare, Environmental, Compliance and the Banking and Finance category.

We appreciate all the awards, which are a recognition of our long-standing hard work and achievements. And we equally appreciate the support and trust of our clients and the dedication of our attorneys and paralegals.

To keep up with the times, we never stop learning. Every year we invest in educating our team not only in the law but also in additional business qualifications and new technologies and tools. We regularly provide consultations and practical information on upcoming legislative changes and their impact on business or people’s lives in the form of media discussions, blogs and training sessions.

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